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CENCOM operates across all Security Technology disciplines ensuring that clients have access to the latest and most cost effective solution in line with their specific objectives and requirements.
With our drive towards Automated Risk Management and Maintenance, it is increasingly important that software is one of the core contributors to the support of the clients’ total operation. Our extensive knowledge of most physical security information management systems allows us to design the best solution for our clients.

Soft Tech (PSIM)

Software is a critical component to any security system. It is for this reason that CENCOM familiarised itself with the latest Physical Information Management Systems. CENCOM recognised the importance of ensuring an intelligent solution is provided and not just integrating into devices. Our approach is based upon the PSIM principle by acquiring data from various products and sources, integrates and analyses it into a single user interface. It provides the customer with mechanisms for improving and streamlining business processes and through its monitoring and measuring capability raises levels of productivity. Organisations are able to effectively monitor, manage and report key deliverables across the security environment.

High Tech

CENCOM ensures that the technology provided is in line with the client’s objectives and budget. We have a dedicated Technical Evaluation Committee who constantly reviews and tests new products in the market to ensure it will deliver as promised.

Low Tech
  • We incorporate Low Tech Security as part our total solution. We recognise that an effective security solution will also require a Low Tech application such as locks, lighting, signage etc.

Some Supported Technologies
  • Access Control
  • Gallagher, Impro, Softcon, Saflec
  • CCTV (HD, Thermal, Mobile etc.)
  • Avigilon, Samsung, Sony, IndigoVision, DVTel, FLIR
  • Perimeter Security
  • Gallagher, FFT, Nemtek, Modutek, Stinger, Clearvu, Securivu
  • Intrusion Detection
  • DSC, Paradox, CADDX, IDS
  • Intercoms
  • BPT, Aiphone, Jaques
  • Public Address Systems
  • TOA, Wild & Marr
  • Asset Tracking
  • BloodHound
  • Security Scanners & Metal Detectors (ie X-ray, Body, Vehicle etc.)
  • Garret, Smith Heiman, Saflec
  • Booms and Barriers
  • Turnstar, Boomgate Systems, Gunnebo, Centurion Systems
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s)
  • Skywatch Huginns







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